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    We conceptualize and run campaigns to build awareness.


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    #SocialWork intervention & # NCDs

    Nada India has been organizing workshops on Strengthening Leadership and Social work intervention for the Prevention and Control of NCDs and its cross cutting risk factors. Nada has been working with the National Association of professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) and NISD since 2016 for NCD capacity-building in Delhi (NCR),Punjab,H.P., Jammu, Kerala, Rajasthan, U.P., Chhattisgarh Utterakhand,  Puducherryand & Maharashtra.  We look forward to continued partnership with NAPSWI ,Civil Societies and Departments of Social work,  to strengthen capacity-building at National level.....  

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    #Rehabilitate 500 Drug/NCD affected families in #Delhi NCR  #DrugFreeIndia  #HealthyIndia

    At the age of 17 years, Mahesh has given up his schooling to work as a salesman. Alcohol violence in the family is forcing a lot of children & women to join work force or suffer. We target to sensitize  500 women & children about the issue of substance use and NCDs & encourage them to continue their education and support. The harmful use of alcohol & drug brings significant social and economic losses to individuals and family at large. The families affected with drug use are usually not aware of NCDs and its relation with their alcohol and drug use. Moreover, discrimination from society leads to isolation of families affected by alcohol /drug use violence .

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    Training & Tech Assistance

    Nada India Foundation contributes through information sharing & skill building to the work of government initiatives, NGOs, corporate agencies, students, and the general public.

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    NIF offers articles, audio-visual material on topics including addiction, adolescent issues, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, auricular acupuncture, peer counselling, trauma counselling, treatment, and rehabilitation.


    Nada India researches many areas including the efficacy of auricular acupuncture in diverse treatment settings. Further NIF conducts research in areas such as child rights, NCDs,substance abuse, adolescent health etc.

    || Areas of Focus

    Community Mobilization

    Holistic Health Care

    Life Skill & Vocational Education

    Alcohol and NCD

    Impact :Nada NCD Prevention Network

    Supporting National Action in India

    #Caregiver's #Stress @Naikiran Haryana

    Social Work& NCDs #Prevention...Punjab

    'Involvement of youth and patient must to make healthcare acceptable & accessible for all...Panjab University

    Healthy School...Sanjeeb @Nada Imphal Nada India Imphal Manipur

    Drug Free & Healthy Kashi Vidyapeeth(UP)

    Drug Free and Healthy Kashi Vidyapeeth


    Nada India celebrates World Health Day 19

    Nada & IAPG celebrated Patient Solidarity Day  @TBNL Delhi

    Nada India volunteer @2nd Global NCD Alliance Forum Sharjah, UAE

    Nada India youth volunteer @2nd Global NCD Alliance Forum  Sharjah, UAE

    Drug use & Homeless: Devender Nada Peer counselor facilitating group  @AAA Delhi

    Young India Network @PHCC Andhra

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    Dr.Amita Nada Convener conducting NCDs prevention @Gujarat Prisons

    Dr.Amita Nada India Convener Gujarat has been conducting NCDs prevention and Acudetox sessions in different jails of Gujarat.

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    Support Nada India Foundation in multiple ways.

    Nada India always welcomes both national and international volunteers & Interns and offers a placement program in which to best suit the needs of its volunteers and its programming. NIF also welcomes donations - in cash or kind. Nada India Foundation is a registered NGO. All donations to Nada India are exempted from tax under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.. Join Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019

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    Nada India has been creating the spaces and nurturing diverse networks of community-based  initiatives amongst the marginal and most at risk populations in the urban contexts of the  metros as well as in the tier two and three towns. Though its capacity building work Nada India  has enabled the vulnerable youth, male and female and the adolescents as well to make  choices for healthy ways of living. Nada India has also included in its programmes senior citizens and women from the “urban villages” in the areas of the National Capital  Region. Gender equity is a strategic objective of Nada India in its vision for a Gender Equal and  Just society. Additionally, Nada India works under the framework of the Convention of the Rights of Children, CRC, with male and female children and adolescents through the Young India Network for Good Health. 

    Mr Suneel Vatsyayan is a practising Social Worker who has dedicated his work to addressing the NCD prevention and rehabilitation of Drug and alcohol dependent persons. He has led the strategic positioning of Nada India which is based on non-discrimination and supports all persons in need irrespective of caste, creed, age, sex, religion or region. 

    Given the mandate that Nada India has adopted  they have been working with a multidisciplinary teams and diverse expert networks. This approach has facilitated wider outreach in  the field and advocacy platforms for policy recommendations.

    Nada India advocates for balanced and healthy public policies to prevent, control non-communicable diseases, child friendly, gender sensitive and drug free healthy life style.

    Nada India @ Airtel dELHI half marathon 2019

    Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is a great platform for thousands of runners and donors!  Doctors, corporate employees, tribal children, CEOs, running groups, volunteers, staff members, board member, friends, family, differently abled - every single individual joins to spread awareness of the cause they believe in. And many run as a team – which is quite uncommon in life and in the social sector as on a day-to-day basis, it is almost impossible for all to get together and have fun!....

    Nada India has been working with alcohol violence affected children & women in continuing their education & healthy life for last 15 years.... Join Us

    Capacity Building : NCD Counsellor Training 

    NCD Counsellor (Non Communicable Disease) are supposed to help people prevent and help  to cope with a number of NCDs & risk factors such as alcohol use, tobacco use, obesity, Diabetes,Cancer ,High blood pressure and Mental health. The NCD counsellors and Peer counsellors are also taught to place ear pressure beads on community members. Nada team has been trained by NISD (MSJ&E) in collaboration with NCERT

    Nada India has been engaging more grassroots CSOs working in the field of Women, Child & Youth welfare ,Health Advocates, schools ,colleges, Patient champions & Care giver groups ,Homeless and peer led alcohol rehabilitation groups to build joint advocacy campaigns.